Into Nature - Christmas Craft Collective

Remember Four Natures last year? It was just four of us, working in paper, clay, metal and wood. Now it's been two weeks Into Nature (7 of us now!) in this gorgeous TripleOne Somerset space, sharing our works with the world!

I always look forward to Christmas because it's definitely a time of reunion and happy spontaneous meetings with old familiar faces and new friends. This year Joanne from The Letter J Supply once again plays the generous hostess with the mostest by opening up her space to others, where like-minded friends can gather to collectively showcase our handcrafted works and different journeys in craft and design across different mediums. 

IN PAPER - The Letter J Supply

IN CLAY - Usually Usual

IN METAL - Saught

IN FIBRE - The Weaving Party

IN SCENTS - Scent Library

IN STORIES - Wood & Lead

IN WOOD - Everyday Canoe (hohoho!)

Into Nature represents us as a Craft Christmas Collective, where each of us brings our own individuality and creative expression through craft, inhabiting a space where anyone and everyone is invited to explore and discover our processes through conversations with us, the makers. It's been wonderful as well for us to share our stories and personal journeys with you, very often, I feel like it's more important to talk face-to-face with someone who is looking at what I've done and this space has given me a great platform to.


I also had my first Star Spoon carving workshop here! It was uber fun and a joy to see others enjoy woodcarving too.

Five stars arising....out of the stormy sea (of wood shavings). Five very different star spoons shaped by patient hands, and infused with their own design and personality. What better way to make something truly yours than to carve it yourself!

Last weekend I also brought down my first batch of wooden whittled brooches in teak, cherry and maple wood. I hope they can serve as reminders of what we have to enjoy, a safe home, peace and freedom. I'm not sure what the ducks can remind one of...maybe how things go swimmingly if we swim with the right wave? Forgive me, I like to read into things a little too much sometimes.

This is Eden Yow, a little man with an epic beginning and an even bigger future ahead. To see him in person and see him break into a toothless smile every time a stranger waves hi to him...priceless. Gracie was one of the guest vendors last weekend, and wrote a short post about Eden's birth. This guy is a real trooper!

Two more weeks into December and 12 more days to Christmas, everything so far has been a testament of God's overflowing goodness and grace. More joyful things to come!

Thank you God, for the sustaining me through the times I had much left to do, and little sleep through the day, for family and friends who gave me that extra boost of encouragement when it was much needed. When I was feeling upset and under self-doubt, your words comforted me. There is no greater sweetness than to remember how your goodness carried me through my lowest points. Amen.