Into Nature - Star Spoon Carving Workshop

I reckon one of the best parts of about having a space this large is being able to hold workshops, which is great for us cause the Into Nature craft collective gets to share our process about how our products are made and refined with patience, time and good ol' working with your hands. After all, that was how things were made, and can continue to be interpreted in a personal way.

First up, carving out the mouth of our festive Star spoons! I always tell the participants just imagine you are scooping out ice-cream. Incidentally, two of them used to work in an ice-cream cafe, and they put their scooping skills to good use once again!

A participant's daughter sitting by her mom as she works on shaping the handle of her spoon.

Honey brown tones of the teak wood are brought to light as oil is applied generously! This is the 'surprise' moment, the true colour of the wood appears once it touches oil.

No spoon ever turns out the same, and often reflects the personality of the maker. :)

Say "Spoooooooon!"

Love this moment with a participant and her little girl, who came by after the workshop was done. She picked up the star spoon her mom had carved and started waving it around like a wand, and wouldn't let go when her mom wanted to place it back in the box. Heartmelt...
I look forward to conducting more workshops next year, and am ever grateful for the wonderful participants that are willing to spend time learning. Onward and upward! :)