Everyday Coffee Scoop Workshop!

We've just finished our first-ever round of workshops held at The Little Dröm Store and every session has been absolutely scary and wonderful at the same time!

To tie in our Good 豆 Morning Pop-up theme to the workshop, we focused on two parts: enjoying and learning about handbrewed coffee from Chloe (Usually Usual), and teaching participants how to handcarve wooden coffee scoops for themselves (Everyday Canoe). What better way to start a workshop than with freshly brewed coffee, right?

Spotty, dotty and beautiful porcelain hand-thrown wares Chloe made for serving the coffee in.

Illustrated guide that explained the steps to carving!

I really thank God that every participant has been a joy to teach, were really willing to learn and put their entire focus in carving their wooden coffee scoops out till the very end! It was also a good chance to show them my work process and let them get hands-on in creating their own scoop. I hope the workshop also helped them understand that making handmade wares isn't just a fleeting trend, it's really about internalising that into the way you see objects and the way you appreciate how things are made, into your life. That appreciation goes a long way in sustaining creativity and growing our local creative community. Making something by hand can be challenging and time-consuming, but the satisfaction and awareness you get about the process (as well as respect for others who also take years to hone their craft) is like no other!

More exciting workshops to come! :)


Photo Credit: Antoinette from The Little Dröm Store!